Activity ideas

Beauty saloon

    Buy some hair gel, face paints, hair colour, makeup etc. and let them lose.
    We have tried this at least twice, and the lads like it just as much as the lasses!

Beetle drive

    The aim of this game is to be the first person to draw a whole 'Beetle'.
    To do this, each player will need a pen and piece of paper ( or the proper gaming cards ).

    When we play the game, we seat four at a table.
    Each table need a dice.


    When a player draws a whole 'Beetle', they must shout 'Beetle'!
    At this point everybody stops and adds up there score.

    The pair with the highest score, move to a different table.

    After about ten or so rounds, stop and add up all your scores, and you should have a winner.

    Picture / rules are copyright "HPG" Series


    Over the years we have tried this a number of times and it has always proved to be a success.
    We used a local farmers field, where we would build a big fire, cook some sausages and camp out under the stars.
    For shelter we would use ground sheets and wind breaks etc. If it rained, we would go and stay in the farmers barn.

Christmas ideas

    A few obvious ideas :


Elastic Powered car


    You can buy boards for etching pictures from most good craft shops

Fashion show

    If you have lots of old cloths, why not put-on a fashion show?

First Aid night

    This is something we hope to try in the near future.
    You can jazz it up a bit by using fake blood etc.

Food games night

Footpath rally (Treasure hunt)

    Organise a treasure hunt around the town/village.

Friends Like these


    You can buy Fymo ( a bit like modelling clay that you bake in the oven ) from most good craft shops

"Krypton factor" games night

    Organise team games roughly based on the TV show.
    For example, quiz, puzzles, physical games....

Love night

Mask making

    Make a mask of a lion, ape, your friend.........

Murder Mystery

Quiz night

    Here are some suggestions :

Scavenge hut

    Give each youth a list of items that they have to collect within a hour, For example :

    Click here for a full list


    Camp down in the village hall. Get some videos, games, food. Great fun!

Slippery slide

    Place a long piece of plastic on a slope, cover it with washing up liquid and water and you've got yourself a miniature water slide!

    Click here for a picture

    Note : Before doing this, check that nobody has a allergic reaction to washing up liquid

Stain glass window

    Use an OHP to project a picture onto a large 'window size' piece of paper.
    Trace around the image, and then colour it in with pastel's.
    Stick the picture on the window.

Water games night

Water team games :

Guinness book of records games

Organise a games night based on the Guinness book of records.

Tide fight

In teams, build giant sand castles on the beach.  The last one to be washed away by the sea wins.

Weekend away

Organise a weekend away!   As well as going to Fort Rocky, we've organised several of our own weekends away.  Here are some of the plans:


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