Activity ideas : Sweet quiz

Here is an example list of questions that I have picked up on my travels :

1 Infants that wobble about Jelly Babies
2 Wise guys - know it all Smarities
3 Where refined people live
4 Fruit falling down, now by itself Fruit drops
5 sport for a prince Polo
6 Where there was a mutiny Bounty
7 Miscellaneous black and white Minstrals
8 Where 9,10 and 11 come After 8 mints
9 In a middle position poetically
10 Coat fasteners made with cocoa Cholotate Buttons
11 Made from grapes in everyone's mouth Wine gums
12 100% precious metal All Gold
13 Used in hockey, but this one is made of granite
15 Allsorts and kinds blended together in a tub Liquorice all sorts
16 A royal producer of money / or a herb Mint
17 Is this a road on the dale farm estate
18 Fruit in a shell can give you a beating
19 Take a break with this Kit-kat
20 Where the stars and planets are Milky Way / Galaxy
21 Not a part member of a teachers union Nut
22 They fall in winter, but are you white Snow ball
23 To move quickly around a dance
24 Sweet pastry for afternoon meal ( yorkshire )
25 Every young lady would like two of these
26 Used to quieted the never ending talker Gob stoppers
27 What does the male cow look at the female with Bulls eyes
28 Rubbish or nonsense

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