Activity ideas : General quiz

Here are some questions I've dug up over the last few months...

South Park

  1. What is Eric's middle name? Tiador
  2. What is Kenny's last name? McCormick
  3. Who throws up when he gets nervous   Stan

Star Wars

  1. What is the Empire's new battle station known as? The Death Star
  2. Who directed Star Wars? George Lucas
  3. Who is the pilot of the Millennium Falcon? Han Solo
  4. Who is C-3PO's short, blue and silver companion? R2-D2
  5. What is the target that the rebels must hit in order to destroy the Death Star? A thermal exhaust port
  6. Who trained Darth Vader? Obi Wan Kenobi
  7. Who said "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you."? Yoda

The Simpsons

  1. Who is the mayor of Springfield?  Joe Quimby
  2. What colour is Marge Simpson's hair? Blue
  3. Where does Homer Simpson work? The Nuclear Power Plant
  4. Who is the principal of the school Bart and Lisa attend? Seymore Skinner
  5. Who is Bart Simpson's best friend? Milhouse
  6. What type of dog is Santa's Little Helper? Greyhound
  7. In one Halloween Episode, who tries to kill kids in their dreams? Wille
  8. What colour are Grandpa Simpson's Shoes? Red
  9. Homer goes to whose bowlerama? Barneys
  10. On the alien abduction show, what does the book Lisa and the alien keep blowing on say at the end? How To Cook For Forty Humans
  11. In 'The Simpsons' who is the school caretaker? Willie
  12. Name Marge Simpson' sister's: Selma and Patty


  1. What is Mulder's first name? Fox
  2. What is Scully's sister's name? Melissa
  3. Who do Mulder and Scully work for? The FBI
  4. Scully's father used to call Scully? Starbuck
  5. What is the name of Mulder's sister? Samantha
  6. How old was Mulder's sister when she was abducted? 8


  1. Name the cast: Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Pheobe
  2. What is Phoebe's sister name? Ursula
  3. Who is Monica's brother? Ross
  4. What did frank juniors dad like walking around on? Stilts
  5. Finish this line in Phoebe's famous song: Smelly cat, smelly cat, what...? Are they feeding you
  6. When the gang was playing football one thanksgiving, there was a girl who Joey and chandler fell for. Where was she from that Joey said was a place in 'Peter Pan'? The Netherlands
  7. One of Pheobe's baby girls was named after which Friends character? Chandler
  8. When all Joey and Chandler's furniture got stolen, with what were they left? A canoe
  9. What did Phoebe's grandmother tell Phoebe her father's job was? A Tree Surgeon
  10. Who told Rachel that Ross slept with another girl while they were 'on a break'? Gunther
  11. What was the name of Ross' monkey? Marcel
  12. Which one of Joey's sisters fooled around with Chandler after he broke up with Janice? Mary Angela
  13. Where does Chandler say he is being transferred to, to get away from Janice?  Yemen
  14. As best man at Ross' second wedding, Joey lost Ross' grandmother's ring. What happened to the ring? The duck ate it

Star trek

  1. There are lots of spin off TV series to the original Star trek, name them: Voyager, Star trek new generation, Deep space 9.


  1. Who says Booyaka ? Ali-G
  2. Who's video does Ali-G star in? Madonna, Music


  1. Who said "To infinity, and beyond!" ? Buzz light year
  2. In which film would you hear "Mama always said life was like a box a chocolates, never know what you're gonna get."? Forest Gump


  1. Name the members of Boyzone...Stephen, Shane, Ronan, Keith and Mickey


  1. What colour top does semi skimmed milk have? Green
  2. What is the value for PI? 3.14
  3. What are the colours on a twister? Blue, yellow, red, green
  4. What is the phone no for the emergency services in USA? 911
  5. What is the gesture for 'S' in sign language?  Linked little fingers


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