Please read through each question and circle ONE answer

I love…sport

a) Football b) Hockey c) Tennis d) Athletics


I love…my family best when we

a) hang out b) go on holiday c) watching TV d) eating


I love…TV

a) soap opera b) the news c) movies d) cartoons


I love…restaurants

a) Burger king b) Pizza Hut c) McDonalds d) Spinners


I love…jobs

a) A police officer b) A Doctor c) A fire officer d) A Nurse


I love…colours

a) Red b) Black c) Pink d) Green


I love…holidays

a) Action b) Beach c) Cruse d) walking


I love…soap operas

a) Eastenders b) Coronation street c) Emmerdale d) Neighbours


I love…travelling

a) England b) Spain c) America d) France


I love…staying in a

a) Hotel b) B & B c) Tent d) field


I love…music

a) Rock b) Pop c) Dance d) Punk


I love…animals

a) Dog b) Cat c) Rabbit d) Bird


I love…school

a) Math b) English c) Science d) History


I love…chores

a) Washing up b) Cleaning toilet c) Washing the car d) Ironing


I love…the seasons

a) Spring b) Summer c) Autumn d) Winter


I love…food

a) Pizza b) Curry c) Chinese d) English


I love…movies

a) Comedy b) action c) Horror d) Romantic


I love…getting up

a) Early b) Late c) at Dinner time d) Never


I love…celebrating

a) Birthdays b) Christmas c) Easter d) Wedding


I love…ice crème

a) Vanilla b) Chocolate c) Strawberry d) Mint


I love…spending time with my

a) Family b) friends c) grand parents d) brothers / sisters


I love…superheroes

a) Superman b) Spiderman c) Cat woman d) Batman


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