Activity ideas : Scavenger Hunt

Ideas of stuff to collect :

An empty COKE can

A ring pull ( new or old type )

A match stick

The top of a jar or tin

A piece of bark

A cigarette box

A bottle top

A large green leaf

A nail


A piece of Tin foil

Some string

A bus ticket

A piece of wire

A Chip fork

A match box

A daisy

A piece of coal

A crisp packet

A Walkers Crisp Packets

A paper bag

A piece of toilet paper

An elastic band

A till receipt

A feather

A lolly pop stick

A small red stone or piece of a brick

A peice of Flint stone

A paper clip

A photo or a picture ( from a newspaper, magazine, cartoon etc )

A "cardboard" drink box

A 1 pence coin

A tube of any sort

A button

A carrier bag

A piece of wood ( not a match stick )

A small pot ( like a yorat pot )

A spring

A Nut

A Bolt

A screw

A peice of pottery

A peice of rubber

A disk of some sort

A rag or cloth

A peice of chain

A ring of some sort

A piece of jewellry ( see chain or ring )

A paper aeroplane

A ball or sphere

A bottle

A peice of cardboard

A peice of paper

A peice of leather

Copyright 1998-2000 Nigel Coates

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