Activity ideas : Observation

Watch Wallace and Gromit - the curse of the were rabbit, 19 mins 55 seconds - 25 mins 8 seconds.

Tell the those watching that they must watch carefully....there will be questions....

Time Question Answer
19 mins 55 Who's picture does Wallace hang on the wall. Lady Tottington
20 mins 27 What is the title of the record that Gromit is listening to? The Plant Suite
20 mins 40 What colour is the electric blanket that Gromit uses to cover his marrow? Pink
20 mins 45 What setting does he put the blanket to? Cosy
20 mins 47 What date is the "Giant Vegetable Competition" to take place? 17th September
  How many carrots are in the picture? 3
  How many buttons does Gromit press to set the greenhouse alarm? 4
21 mins 20 What colour is the door that Gromit uses to go into the house? Green
22 mins 12 What colour is the vicars vegetables? Purple
22 mins 20 What does the vicar have in his basket? Carrots
22 mins 30 What does the Vicar hear when he comes out of his greenhouse? An owl
  How many windows are above the Church door? 2
23 mins 3 How many candles are on the table in the Church? 2
23 mins 10 After the Church door closes, what gets knocked over? Candle sticks
23 mins 20 How does the vicar think entered the Church? Mrs Mulch (the rabbit burps and he says her name)
23 mins 50 When the vicar is attacked, what does he reach for? The cross, but he picks up two cucumbers
23 mins 55 What creature do you see on the stain-glass window? A dragon
24 mins 12 What does the wear rabbit steal from the green house? Tomatoes
  What colour is Gromit's night cap? Creamy colour
24 mins 26 The sign of the wall says "our XXXXXX clients"...what does the middle world say? Our Valued Clients
24 mins 40 What is on the floor in front of the fridge? Cheese
  What colour are the tea cups? Clue with yellow spots
25 mins 3 Gromit hands Wallace the newspaper, what does the headline say? "Night of vegetable carnage!"


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