Activity ideas : Food games

Stuff needed (based on 4 teams)

What to do


The points from each game will be approximately 10

Game 1: Longest spaghetti

Aim: Make the longest piece of spaghetti by tying together cooked spaghetti
Stuff needed: Lining paper / cooked spaghetti (no sauce)
Instructions: Roll out a length (10 meters ) of lining paper for each team.  At one end of the lining paper, place a bowl of cooked spaghetti.  The team has to tie together as many pieces of spaghetti as possible in the time allowed.  They must keep the spaghetti on the lining paper.
Time limit: 4 minutes
Points: Measure the longest piece of spaghetti for each team.  Award points based on the length in meters

Game 2: Food tasting

Aim: Guess what the food is
Stuff needed: Six bowls of food per team.  The food should be mashed up in a blender and mixed with food colouring.  Here are some suggestions: Banana / biscuit / apple / melon / ready break
Instructions: The members of the team will take it in turns to guess what's in the bowl.
Time limit: 5 minutes
Points: 2 points awarded for a correct guess.  1 point if someone else guesses correctly.

Game 3: Alphabeti spaghetti

Aim: Make as many words as possible
Stuff needed: Alphabeti spaghetti (Morrisons seem to be the only people selling this) / newspaper or plastic sheet
Instructions: Cover the table with newspaper / plastic sheet.  Each team is given two open tins of alphabetic spaghetti and has to make as many different words as possible in the time allowed.  The words must have more than 3 letters.
Time limit: 5 minutes
Points: 1 point for each word

Game 4: Feeding

Aim: Blindfold yogurt feeding fest!
Stuff needed: Bin bags (or overalls), yogurt / moose / newspaper for the floor / spoons / camera!
Instructions: You need two victims from each team.  Both will need to put on a big bag with arm / head holes so they don't get messy!  The first person sits on a chair. The second person is given a pot of yogurt / moose with a spoon and stands behind them whilst blindfolded.  The idea is that the person who is blindfolded has to feed the person by following their verbal instructions.  Alternatively you could get other members of the team to hold to bowl or give instructions.  Once the first pot has been used up, choose some new victims and keep going until the time is up.  Remember to cover the floor with newspaper!
Time limit: 5 minutes
Points: Award points based on how much eaten.  As a rough guide 2 pots of yogurt = 10 points

Game 5: Mar's bar race

Aim: Be the first team to eat a Mars bar
Stuff needed: For each team: a dice, hat, gloves, a knife / fork / paper plate.  Put the opened Mars bar on the plate.
Instructions: The teams line up at one end of the room and are given a dice.  Some distance away, set up a knife and fork and a Mars bar on a plate for each team.  Put the hat and gloves next to the plate.  When the game starts, each team member takes it in turns to rolling the dice until somebody gets a 6.  When they do they, they must run to their plate, and put on the hat / glove and eat a bit of the mars bar with the knife and fork.  They then take the gloves etc off and run back to the dice.  The first team to eat the Mars bar wins.
Time limit: N/A
Points: The winning team gets 10, second 5, third 2....etc.

Game 6: Jelly eating

Aim: Be the first team to eat your Jelly
Stuff needed: Vegetarian jelly / spoons
Instructions: Each member of the team is given a spoon.  When the game starts, the team has to eat their jelly.  The first team to finish wins.
Time limit: N/A
Points: The winning team gets 10, second 5, third 2....etc.


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