Bullying Session Plan 4: Help!!!

Aims and objectives

  • To look at how we can help someone who is being bullied or is bullying
  • Where you can find help if you are being bullied or bullying someone
  • How can you can help stop bullying

Lesson Plan

Activity How to do it Timescale
Introduction and session plan. Explain the aims of the session

Ground Rules – Display the ground rules that were decided on last week and point them out to the young people

5 mins
Icebreaker - Video Clip Watch video clip of someone being bullied 5 mins
1st Activity - Who can help us? Split the young people into 5 groups. Give each group a supply of post it notes and pens. Put up around the room 4 pieces of flip chart paper 'landscape'. Put the title on two of them ‘In School’ put a line down the middle. Label one half ‘Who can help’ and the other half 'how they can help’. On the other two pieces of paper put the title ‘Out of School’. Again put a line down the middle of the paper and label them the same as the other sheets. Get the young people in their groups to write their ideas down to who can help them if they are being bullied or are bullying on the post it notes and stick them on the correct sheets. Feedback their responses. 15 mins
2nd Activity - What can you do if you see someone who is being bullied?


In the same groups give each group a bullying situation and as a group they have to come up with a 2 min drama to demonstrate how they would do to help. Let two groups go next door with one worker and the other stay with the other groups in the class room. After 10 minutes bring the groups back together to perform their pieces. 20 mins
What next? Look at the options for them to highlight the issues of bulling in the school. 10 mins

Resources Required

  • Flip Chart paper
  • Chunky Pens
  • Interactive white board
  • Board pens
  • 1 Worker and 1 Voluntary worker
  • Blue tac
  • Biro x 25
  • Extra room next to first class room
  • TV and DVD player
  • Post it notes
  • Bullying leaflets
  • Situation cards


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