Bullying Session Plan 3: I am who I am (part 2)

Aims and objectives

  • To understand that we all see ourselves in different way
  • To think about ways we can build people up

Lesson Plan

Activity How to do it Timescale
Introduction and session plan. Explain the aims of the session

Ground Rules Display the ground rules that were decided on last week and point them out to the young people

5 mins
Icebreaker - Who am I Quiz? 10 statements that describe something or someone. In pairs they have to decide who or what is being described. Each pair needs a pen and piece of paper. Award a small prize to the winning team/s. 10 mins
1st Activity - Who me? Get the young people to split into 2s with someone they feel they know quite well. Give each person a blank blue sheet and a blank green sheet. The blue sheet is entitled "Who me?" and is used for questions they fill out about themselves. The green sheet is for questions they fill out about their partner. Ask them to sit back to back with their partner and they must not discuss the question sheets as they fill them in. After 5-10 mins get them to turn back to their partner and discuss what they put out themselves and about their partner. Get them to see if their answers matched up or where different. Open up some discussion on whether their perception of themselves was the same as their partners. See if anyone can suggest why this is and record these answers on the white board. 25 mins
2nd Activity - How do we treat people? In pairs get them to discuss the following question: If we see people differently to how they see themselves, how might this affect the way we treat people?

After 5 or 6 minutes get ask for peoples feedback.

10 mins
Re-cap Ask if someone could tells us what they think a key point of this session has been. See if anyone else has any suggestion. 5 mins

Resources Required

  • Flip Chart paper
  • Chunky Pens
  • Interactive white board
  • Board pens
  • 1 Worker and 1 Voluntary worker
  • Blue tac
  • Biro x 25
  • Who me sheet
  • Plain paper
  • Small prizes
  • Quiz Questions


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