Bullying Session Plan 2: I am who I am (part 1)

Aims and objectives

  • To understand and identify why people are bullied
  • To recognize we are all different and that is not a bad thing

Lesson Plan

Activity How to do it Timescale
Introduction and session plan. Explain the aims of the session

Ground Rules Ė Display the ground rules that were decided on last week and point them out to the young people

5 mins
Icebreaker - Balloon Portraits Get the young people to split up into 2ís. Give each person a balloon and a biro pen. They have 3 minutes to create a portrait of their partner on the balloon. Put in countdown clock on the interactive white board. When the times up get them to show there partner. Collect all the balloons in or pop them. 5mins
1st Activity - Why do people get bullied? Ask the class ask if anyone could tell us why they think people get bullied. Put ideas down on the white board. 10 mins
2nd Activity - Looking at appearance Split the class into 5 groups. Give each group a picture of a person whose appearance is different to them. As a group get them to think about the following questions.
  • What is different about that personís appearance?
  • Why might that cause them to be bullied?
  • How might that person be feeling if they joined your class today?

Feed back the groups thought and stick there flip chart sheets and pictures up around the room.

Open some discussion on how they would make someone on those pictures feel welcome in their class.

25 mins
Re-cap Ask if someone could tells us what they think a key point of this session has been. See if anyone else has any suggestion. 5 mins

Resources Required

  • Flip Chart paper
  • Chunky Pens
  • Interactive white board
  • Board pens
  • 1 Worker and 1 Voluntary worker
  • Blue tac
  • 5 pictures of different young people
  • Balloons x 40
  • Biro x 25


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