Bullying Session Plan 1: What is Bullying?

Aims and objectives

  • To understand and be able to identify the different types of bullying
  • To define what is bullying
  • To recognise bullying

Lesson Plan

Activity How to do it Timescale
Introduction and session plan. Explain the aims of the session

Ground Rules – Get the young people to discuss what they think the ground rules should be. Have one member of the group feed this information back to the class. One member of the class writes these ideas on the board. Star the rules the class agree on.

10 mins
Icebreaker - Human Knot


Split to class into 3 groups. Each group makes a circle. The young people need to join hands with two other members of the group, but they must not be stood next to the person. The young people have to try to unravel themselves to get back into a circle without letting go of anyone’s hand. It does not matter if they are not all facing the same way. 5 mins
1st Activity - What is bullying? Split the class into 5 groups. Had out flip chart paper and pens. As a group they are going to come up with what they think bullying is. Get some one to feed back results and stick flip chart paper around the room. Put count down timer up on the interactive white board. On the interactive white board display some definitions of bullying. 15 mins
2nd Activity - List different types bullying and the effects Give out new sheet of flip chart and in the same groups get them to come up with a list of different types of bullying and the effects these have on the person being bullied. Feed back idea to the class and put flip charts up around the room. Open up the topic for discussion and see if anyone in the group has seen someone being bullied or has an experience they wish to share. 20 mins
Re-cap Ask if someone could tells us what they think a key point of this session has been. See if anyone else has any suggestion. 5 mins

Resources Required

  • Flip Chart paper
  • Chunky Pens
  • Interactive white board
  • Board pens
  • 1 Worker and 1 Voluntary worker
  • Blue tac
  • Power point of bullying definitions
  • Bullying leaflets


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