Talk (lies / dishonesty)

The dictionary says "lie (noun) Intentional false statement; imposture, false belief, give this ~ to, belie, serve to show falsity of; tell a ~, make a intentional false statement. ~ v.i. (pres. Part. Lying). Speak falsely, tell lie(s); take away, get into, out of, by lying; (of things) deceive."

Talk Introduction

When you parents were out, you some how managed to kill the family pet. When asked about it, do you:

  1. Denny all knowledge
  2. Tell them what happened
  3. Try and find a replacement

You are around your friend's house when you accidentally drop your friends Gameboy while he/she is not looking. Do you:

  1. Offer to buy a new one
  2. Say it was like that when you found it
  3. Hide it, so he/she finds it later

You discover your best mate's girlfriend/boyfriend has been seeing somebody else. If asked about it, would you:

  1. Say nothing, deny everything
  2. Tell him/her what you know
  3. Go and sort the situation out yourself

You go to the bank and discover that your latest statement says you have 700, when you know you have only paid in 20. Do you:

  1. Immediately go into the bank and get the problem sorted out
  2. Draw some cash out
  3. Wait to see what happens

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