Talk (Prayer)

Stuff needed

Talk Introduction

The middle bit


The practical bit

  1. friends – map of Hunmanby. Take a piece of ribbon and a pin.  Think of someone in the village, or maybe a place in the village that you would like to pray about.  Write your prayer on the ribbon and using the pin, stick the prayer on the map

  2. world – newspapers.  Sometimes we find it hard to know what to pray about, so I’ve brought some newspapers to give you some ideas. If you find something you would like us to pray about, write a prayer on one of these stars or even just cut the head line out.  Stick it on the wall.  By doing that your drawing God’s attention to something you care about.

  3. drawing – perhaps you’re the kind of person who find’s it easier to draw what you feel or want to pray about. That’s that the white board is for….ie, draw a picture of the world…



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