Talk (Do you know the truth?)

Aim Of This Talk

To discuss and clarify the clear choice that Jesus presented to us – to accept Jesus Christ as your saviour and follow God, or not to.

Need To Take/Have

Rough Outline

This is a rough outline of what I will say and do in the talk. Of course, everything will be explained more simply and in more detail. After all, this is just an outline!

John 14 verse 6 - Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to know God, but through me."

After prayers, I’ll say a final one about the stuff discussed tonight and for safety until we meet again, then we’re done.


Choices List

  1. Choosing what clothes to wear to a party.
  2. There are two people dying. You can save one or the other. You have to choose which one to save.
  3. There are 2 things you want to buy but you can only afford one of them. You have to choose which one to buy.
  4. Choosing whether or not to jump off a 10 meter high wall.
  5. Choosing what job you want to do when you are older.
  6. Deciding whether to tell a lie to your best friends mum to stop them getting them in to trouble.


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