Aeroplane games

Make paper Aeroplane's - see whose goes the furthest

Chain Race (team game)

Two or more teams are required. The race starts when the person at the front of each team races from A to B. Every time they arrive back at A, they must grab the hand of the next person, and continue racing. The game ends when the whole team raced (like a 'chain') from A to B.

Chain Tag

    Like normal tag, but when a person is caught they must hold the hand of the person who caught them. You therefore, end up with a 'chain' of people. Only The people at each end of the chain can tag someone.

Changing places (Circle game)

Construction games


Dressing up

    Play 'pass the parcel', but use a bag of old 'interesting' clothes. When the music stop, the person holding the bag has to take something out of the bag, and put it on.

Duster Hockey

    Like hockey, but use a duster!

Follow the leader

Four Shops

Games in the Dark

Go get....

Human machine


    Make a giant jigsaw, and scatter the pieces all over.


Marshmallow games

  1. Stuff your mouth a full as you can with marshmallows and sing a song
  2. Pass marshmallows using a cock-tail stick


Music quiz

Newspaper games

  1. Newsreader
  2. Newspaper throwing

Song gargling


    Find a volunteer and put a stocking on their head. Now pull the stocking gently and watch the effects!
    This can be very funny! Click here to see this game in action.

The thaw

Tied in knots

Whos feet?

Wink murder


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