Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night

Scene 9

The defence presents a theory to the court that Rachel might not be lying and that Stuart might have killed James.  After all, they were alone and there would have been a prime opportunity.  Then maybe his car accident wasn’t so accidental and he did it because he didn’t want to have to live with himself after doing it?  The prosecution points out that the car accident was judged as accidental in a previous case and Stuart had attempted to avert the accident rather than setting up, to which the defence replies that things aren’t always quite what they seem.

Defence Ladies and Gentlemen, the one man who is key to this case who is not available for question today is Mr Stuart Burton.  It is very possible that Miss Loftus may be telling the truth and that James never did return from his walk with Stuart.  Instead Stuart, being satisfied that James was responsible for Lisa’s pregnancy, may have decided to take his own revenge.  After all, they were alone and I that Primrose Valley is very quiet at that time of night.

Then Stuart, not being able to cope with what he had just done, got himself involved in a fatal car crash on his way back to Staxton.

Prosecution In a previous case it was determined that the Mr Burton’s crash was an accident.
Defence Well, things are not always as they seem.  It is a possible theory.
Judge Very well.  Mr Worthington, do you have anything to say?
Prosecution Your honour, I believe it could be helpful to have Mr Coates back on the witness stand.
Defence Mr Worthington, the Judge asked you if you had any more witnesses…
Prosecution And you then before I had chance to say I did have some went ahead presenting your theory.  I decided to be a gentlemen and allow you to go ahead with the story while it was in your mind.
Judge Very well, Mr Worthington.  (Defence looks hacked off).  But make it quick.  Mr Coates…
Prosecution Thank you your Honour.


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