Pathfinders Murder Mystery Night

Pathfinders Murder Mystery Night

Scene 8

Rachel is called back to the witness stand for further questioning.  She is asked more questions about what she knew of the relationship between Lisa and James, and she says they maybe talked a bit because Lisa was trying to help Rachel and James through things.  When asked if she ever suspected there might be anything going on between Lisa and James, she shakily says no and adds that she trusts Lisa.  (Lisa should at this point look guilty; some people might catch it).  The prosecution points out that there is no way Rachel can prove that James didn’t return to the house.  She is asked again how she would have reacted if she found out that James was cheating on her.  She says she would be upset.  Angry?  Maybe violent?  Jealous?  Jealous enough to kill?  She says she wouldn’t do such a thing, but is obviously shaken by the hammering from the prosecution, despite the constant intervention by the defence.

Prosecution Miss Loftus, did you hear the testimony given by Annie Thornton?
Rachel Yes sir.
Prosecution Does it surprise you in any way?
Rachel How do you mean?
Prosecution To hear that Lisa and James were seen together, holding hands and being affectionate towards one another?
Defence (To Judge) Your honour, at no time did Annie Thornton testify that they were being affectionate in any way other than holding hands.
Prosecution Your honour, I believe that holding hands not a symbolism of affection?
Defence That wasn’t how you worded it….
Judge Mr Worthington, I’d suggest you quote testimonies accurately.
Prosecution Yes, your honour.  So, er, Miss Loftus, I will repeat my question, albeit in a slightly amended form.  Were you surprised to hear that Lisa and James had been seen together in town two months ago holding hands?
Rachel I wasn’t aware of this fact.
Prosecution Nor was the rest of the court until 5 minutes ago.  However, that’s not what I asked, is it?
Rachel (Thinks for a moment and notices it’s been quiet for a while so decides to answer)  I was not surprised to hear they had been spending time together ‘cus I knew they talked and so on, but I didn’t think they would hold hands, especially…well, no, that’s…
Prosecution (Very softly interrupting)  Especially in town where they could be seen.
Rachel (Nods slightly, but then realises she shouldn’t have).
Prosecution Miss Loftus, did you know that James and Lisa had been having or were having an affair the night that Stuart came you your house?
Rachel I thought he might be up to something but I didn’t know he’d be…you know…
Prosecution (Again, softly) Engaging in sexual conduct?
Rachel Remains silent and tries to look blank.
Prosecution Then when Stuart came banging on your door you knew your suspicions were true?
Rachel I…I would have thought Nigel was more the guy Lisa would go after…
Prosecution Making you even more shocked that it was James?
Rachel (Loudly)  I wanna say something.  (Pauses a moment)  My boyfriend is dead.  I loved him.  And now you (points at prosecution) are trying to make him out all bad.  How dare you do such a thing, how dare you.
Defence (Rushes over to witness stand to console Mrs Loftus)  (Softly) Now, now…
Judge Mrs Loftus, this is a court of law.  The prosecution are putting forth hypothetical situations to attempt to work out what really happened and how your boyfriend was killed.  I know this is an ordeal for you, but please just answer the questions asked of you and we can have it over with quickly.  Mr Worthington…
Prosecution Thank you, your honour.  Miss Loftus, when Stuart arrived at your house and accused James of impregnating Lisa, how did you feel?
Rachel I didn’t believe it.
Prosecution Maybe you just didn’t want to believe it?  Did the idea sink in while James was gone?
Rachel A little, but…
Prosecution And then when he returned, you’d decided to get your revenge?
Rachel I…no…he didn’t return, I told you that.
Prosecution How long was it before you saw James again after he’d disappeared with Stuart?
Rachel He didn’t get back to the house.
Prosecution But did he have to? Miss Loftus, you swore to tell the whole truth.  Did you or did you not have an argument or fight with James on his return that culminated in his death?
Rachel (Shakily and starting to get upset) No!  I loved him.
Prosecution Loved him and wanted him to yourself and only yourself?  Couldn’t bare the thought of having to share him?
Rachel No!  I mean…yes.
Defence Objection!  That question was misleading.
Judge Agreed, but it’s a little too late to object once the witness has given the answer, Mr Larkin.
Prosecution Miss Loftus, you don’t to sure of what you mean now.
Defence Objection.  Browbeating the witness.
Judge Mr Worthington…
Prosecution Your honour, I have no more questions for Miss Loftus.
Defence Your honour, I object to Mr Worthington’s conduct against my client.
Judge Mr Larkin, I agree that Mr Worthington has been hard on the witnesses today, but his questions have been allowable in the eyes of the law.  Miss Loftus, you are dismissed.  Mr Larkin, Mr Worthington, do you wish to call any further witnesses?
Defence No, your honour, but I have a theory to put forward to the court.
Judge Very well.


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