Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night

Scene 7

Annie Thornton is called to the witness stand.  She is questioned about her comments that she had seen Lisa and James together in town a while back.  She saw them holding hands and laughing and joking with each other, but nothing further.  When asked if it looked like there was anything deeper in it, she says she couldn’t tell because it was too far away.

Judge Mr Larkin, do you have any further witnesses to call?
Defence No.
Judge Mr Worthington?
Prosecution I have one more witness your honour.  Annie Thornton.
Court Clerk Annie Thornton, please come to the witness stand.
Judge Mr Larkin, do you have any questions for Miss Thornton?
Defence No, your honour.  In fact, I don’t even know what she has been called for.
Judge Maybe Mr Worthington will be able to share this with us.
Prosecution Yes, your honour, I can.  Miss Thornton, in a statement you have given you stated that you had seen Lisa Burton with James in town.  Is this correct?
Annie Yes, sir.
Prosecution Can you describe what they were doing?
Annie Shopping, I would imagine, they…
Defence (Butts in)  Objection.  Don’t see the relevance of this question.
Prosecution My apologies.  I believe my question was not as clear as it may have been. 
Judge OK, Mr Worthington.  Objection sustained, but I accept your slip was an accident.  Continue.
Prosecution Miss Thornton, what I was really meaning to ask is how they were acting towards each other.
Annie How do you mean?
Prosecution Your honour, I fear if were to use an example to make my question clear, it may be taken as leading the witness.
Judge (Thinks for a moment, looking wise, then asks softly)  Miss Thornton, were Mrs Burton and James walking closely to each other?
Annie Yes, in fact they were holding hands.
Prosecution (Smiles at judge thankfully)  Did they talk to each other?
Annie Yes, they seemed to be laughing and joking together.  I didn’t get that close to them though, so I can’t be sure.
Prosecution And about how long ago was this incident?
Annie Roughly two months.
Prosecution OK, thank you Miss Thornton.  That will be all.
Judge OK Miss Thornton, you may leave the witness stand.  Congratulations for not leaving this one in tears, Mr Worthington.
Prosecution (Dryly)  Thanks your honour.
Judge Do either of you wish to recall any witnesses?
Prosecution Your honour, I wish to question Miss Loftus further.
Defence Your honour, I believe it would be beneficial for the court to hear Mr Worthington’s reasoning for this.
Prosecution The evidence seen from my cross examination of Lisa and Annie has given rise to a few questions in my mind about what Rachel knew or suspected about the possible relationship there may have been between Lisa and James.  I also have questions about here earlier outbreak.
Judge OK, Mr Worthington.  Mrs Loftus…
  (Rachel comes to witness stand)


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