Pathfinders Murder Mystery Night

Pathfinders Murder Mystery Night

Scene 6

Lisa is called back onto the witness stand.  She is asked who’s the baby she is pregnant with is, but she won’t say.  The prosecution first suggests it could be Nigel’s, before asking Lisa what her relationship with James was like.  She said she knew him because she was a friend with Rachel.  The prosecution suggests that maybe the baby was his.  Rachel breaks in yelling that the James wouldn’t do such a thing and is reprimanded.  Lisa denies it but is clearly uncomfortable.

Judge Mr Larkin, is there any witness you wish to recall or any further witnesses you wish to call?
Defence I have a further witness, your honour, but I would like to recall Lisa Burton first.
Judge Any objections?
Prosecution (Shakes head)
Court Clerk (Calls) Lisa Burton
Defence Mrs Burton, earlier you testified to the court the events that took place on the evening of the 8th January.  Do you have anything you wish to add?
Lisa No, sir.
Defence OK, thank you.  Mrs Burton, please could you describe the nature of your relationship with Mr Coates?
Lisa We were friends.  We’d known each other for years.  We’d always been a bit flirtatious together, but there was nothing serious in it.
Defence Were you ever involved with sexual conduct with Mr Coates?
Lisa No.
Defence OK, that’s all.  Mr Worthington, I suspect you will have some questions for Mrs Burton?
Prosecution Indeed I do.  Thank you Mr Larkin.  Mrs Burton, when did you come to know James?
Lisa It was a couple of years ago when I first met him.
Prosecution And how did you come to meet him?
Lisa He was Rachel’s boyfriend, and we are friends, so I got to know him through her.
Prosecution What was your opinion of him?
Lisa He was a nice guy.  A likable guy, so I liked him I guess.
Prosecution You liked him a lot?
Lisa We were friends.
Prosecution Friends in the same way you were friends with Mr Coates?
Lisa No, well…yes..but..
Prosecution Maybe you were somewhat closer to James than you were to Mr Coates?
Lisa (Cautiously)  What do you mean, sir?
Prosecution I mean that maybe it was more than just innocent flirting.  Mrs Burton, did you ever spend any time alone with James?
Lisa From time to time.
Prosecution For what purpose?
Lisa None really…just to…well…do friend stuff.
Prosecution You liked being with him?
Lisa Yes…but…
Prosecution (Dangerously)  But what?  But it had to be secret?
Lisa (Shrugs)
Prosecution (Raising voice)  Well did it?  What did you really do with James?  Mrs Burton, who is the father of the baby inside you?
Lisa (Quietly)  Stuarts
Prosecution How?
Lisa (Angrily)  I don’t know, but it is!
Prosecution I’ve got a different theory.  Stuart was away, and you got lonely.  Hunger built up inside you.  You saw a man in difficulty in his relationship with his girlfriend and, posing to be there to help them through it, you used him to satisfy your hunger.  You…
Rachel (From off stage)  NO!  NO!!  They wouldn’t do such a thing…
Judge (Roars)  Miss Loftus, if you have something to say, you will say it on the witness stand and under oath.  Do you hear me?
Rachel (While all this is going on, Lisa is holding her head in her hands)  (Quietly)  Yes.
Judge Mr Worthington, continue your cross examination.
Prosecution Thank you, your honour.  Mrs Burton, you seem disturbed by my suggestions.  Maybe you would like to explain why this would be.
Lisa (Remains silent)
Prosecution Let me ask you a simpler question.  Is James the father of the child you carry?
Lisa (Quietly) I’ve told you, the child belongs to Stuart.
Prosecution How, Mrs Burton, how?
Lisa (Almost crying)  I don’t know, but it does.  It does!!!
Prosecution No further questions.  (Lisa leaves witness stand muttering, “I’m no whore.”).


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