Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night

Scene 4

Rachel is called to the witness stand.  She is asked to recall her version of the events; she says how Stuart arrived to see James, and they went for a walk.  When asked what time James arrived back at the house, she says he didn’t.  She is asked why she didn’t call the police, she said she thought that James must still be with Stuart.  She mentions that she called Lisa at about 9:45 PM to ask where James was.  She is then asked about how her relationship with James was going, and it is quickly revealed that it was not in great shape.  Rachel said Lisa had been a great friend and had been helping her through it.  She is asked if she might have wanted to kill James (in a round about way!), she says no, they may have argued but she’d never kill him because she loved him.

Court Clerk Rachel Loftus, please.
Judge Your oath, madam.
Rachel I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Defence Rachel, I know this will be hard for you so I will keep questioning brief.  If I were to say you were James’s girlfriend, would you agree with this statement?
Rachel Yes, I’d been with him for a few years.
Defence Please can you talk us through the events that took place on the night of James’s death?
Rachel Stuart showed up at our house at around 8:30 and demanded to see James.  He seemed pretty mad; I haven’t seen him like it before.  I was scared but then James came to the door.  Stuart yelled “So what have you been up to with my Lisa”.  (Rachel looks like she’s going to cry, then pulls herself together)  Then they went off for a walk together.
Defence Did James return to your house?
Rachel (flatly) No
Defence Did Mr Coates appear on the scene or drive past in his car at any time?
Rachel Not that I am aware of.
Defence OK, that’ll be all for now.
Judge Mr Worthington, I somehow imagine you will have some questions for Miss Loftus?
Prosecution Yes, your honour.  Thank you.  Miss Loftus, how was your relationship with James going before the time of his death?
Rachel We were doing all right I suppose.
Prosecution You suppose?
Rachel I just meant things were going OK.
Prosecution Maybe things weren’t as good as they always had been between you?
Rachel (falters)  Well, no, but…
Prosecution Maybe they were not at all good?
Rachel (Pause the stammers)  Well…
Prosecution Maybe things were falling apart badly.  Tell me, Miss Loftus, did you ever suspect that James was having an affair?
Rachel (Shakily) No, well, not really…
Prosecution Then when Stuart showed up and made his accusation it all became clear in your mind?  And you were jealous because you wanted James to yourself.  You felt really angry against him.  Did James really not return?
Rachel (Starts to get upset and hysterically shouts)  I told you he didn’t!
Prosecution You were in the house all alone.  Your family were all out.  You knew they wouldn’t be back to late.  You had the perfect opportunity…
Rachel (shouts)  I didn’t kill him!!!
Prosecution Miss Loftus, I never suggested you did.  I was simply going to say you had the perfect opportunity to work things out with him.  But maybe the thought of killing James is on your mind?
Rachel I told you, I didn’t!
Prosecution Did you ever feel any anger against James that night?
Rachel (says nothing)
Prosecution Miss Loftus, I asked you if you ever felt any anger against James that night?
Rachel (still says nothing)
Prosecution Miss Loftus, I…
Judge Mr Worthington, I don’t think Miss Loftus has suffered temporary deafness.  She heard your question the first time.  Miss Loftus, please will you answer Mr Worthington’s question truthfully as you swore to do?
Rachel I was angry and upset, but I’d never kill him!  I loved him.
Prosecution That will do for now.  (To Judge)  Your honour, may I request that Miss Loftus is not discharged?  I may have further questions for her.
Defence Objection.  I don’t see that there is anything else that she can tell us.
Prosecution Your honour, we haven’t yet heard all of the evidence.
Judge OK, objection over-ruled.  Miss Loftus may be questioned further if Mr Worthington can show a purpose.  For now, she may be dismissed from the witness stand.


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