Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night

Scene 3

Jonathan Kendall is called to the witness stand.  He is asked to give his version of events and they tally with Nigelís.  He is asked about the relationship between Nigel and Lisa, he says they were friends but (hesitatingly) they did have a tendency to flirt a bit.

Court Clerk Mr Jonathan Kendall, please make yourself present at the witness stand.
Judge Please take your oath, young man.
Jonathan I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Defence Mr Kendall, did you here Nigelís testimony?
Jonathan Yes, I did.
Defence Is the sequence of events Nigel described consistent with what you saw?
Jonathan The things that I saw match up with those.  And it was almost spot on 9 PM when Nigel returned.  I know because we had the TV on and a program was just about to start.
Defence Do you have anything to add to Mr Coates testimony?
Jonathan No, I do not.
Defence No further questions.
Prosecution Mr Kendall, you heard my questions to Nigel about his relationship with Lisa Burton?
Jonathan Yes, sir.
Prosecution Mr Kendall, if I was to suggest that they had a tendency to flirt with each other, would you agree?
Defence Objection.  Leading question.
Judge Sustained.  Mr Worthington, please do not lead the witness.
Prosecution Sorry your honour.  Mr Kendall, in your own words, how would you describe the relationship between Mr Coates and Mrs Burton?
Jonathan They seemed to spend quite a bit of time together, they were obviously good friends.  They flirted together, though more when the majority of the young people were not around.
Prosecution How are you aware of this fact?
Jonathan I am a helper so I spend more time with the leaders.
Prosecution Thank you Mr Kendall.  No further questions.


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