Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night

Scene 11

The defence and prosecution agree they do not need to hear any more evidence and that it should now be put to the Jury.  The prosecution sums up that there was the potential for Nigel, Rachel and Stuart to have murdered James, but the jury need to consider the motives behind each person making the killing and come to a wise decision.

Judge Mr Larkin, do you have anything to add?
Defence Not unless Mr Worthington has any further theories to present or witnesses to call.
Judge Mr Worthington?
Prosecution No, your honour.  I believe all the evidence has been heard and the jury know enough to be able to do justice.
Judge Thank you.  Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, we have tonight heard evidence relating to the murder or James.  You yourselves have heard the evidence and motives of each one.  It is now down to you to deliver your verdict.  May God help you find the right person guilty of this horrific crime.


The Jury now pass their verdict.


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