Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night

Scene 10

The prosecution calls Nigel back to the witness stand.  He is asked what he knew of the relationship between James and Lisa.  He says he didn’t really know, but is very vague about it.  The prosecution puts forward a hypothetical theory that he did know about it, but wanted Lisa for himself.  When Stuart was throwing his weight around, Nigel saw it as a prime time to bump James off so he could be the only one having an affair with Lisa.  There was time enough when Nigel was away from FOCUS for him to have killed James and handled Stuart, maybe threatening or bribing him.  And like the defence pointed out, maybe the car accident wasn’t so accidental.  Maybe Nigel arranged that after FOCUS.  The defence and Nigel say the theory is absurd, but the prosecution points out that there has been evidence that Nigel could have been having and affair with Lisa and as he knew James well himself could have known what was going on.  Also if the car accident was a pure accident, it invalidates the defence’s theory, so they could both be the truth.  Nigel gets angry and starts yelling at the prosecution, saying they are making him out to be a sex-murderer.

Prosecution Mr Coates, you knew both Mrs Burton and James quite well?
Nigel Fairly well, yes.  Lisa best.
Prosecution What did you know of the relationship between Mrs Burton and James?
Nigel I knew they got on OK and so on.
Prosecution And so on?
Nigel Well…
Prosecution You see, like Mr Larkin, I have a theory.  We have already heard about your relationship with Mrs Burton, and I will leave everyone in this court to draw their own judgement on the evidence that we have heard.  Let us imagine for a moment that you were having an intimate relationship with Lisa.  Also let us imagine that you knew James was also having an affair with Mrs Burton.  Obviously, you knew Stuart was her husband too.  It seems to me a little co-incidental, if this were to be the case, that James has ended up dead and Stuart had a near miss.
Nigel Coincidences can happen.
Prosecution This seems a pretty rare coincidence to me.  Maybe there was more to it than that?  With Stuart throwing his weight around, who would suspect it if you were to knock James off.  It would look like it was Stuart.  But of course, Stuart would deny it, so you had to deal with him too to be completely safe.  With both of them gone, Lisa could be all yours.  There was time while you were away from FOCUS to dispose of James, and afterwards to plan Stuart’s car accident.
Defence Mr Worthington, you have already argued that the car accident was shown to be an accident.
Prosecution And you, Mr Larkin, have also argued that things may not always be as they appear.  Maybe you’d like to withdraw your theory too?
Defence This is absurd…
Prosecution Life is full of absurdities.  Mr Coates, you seem somewhat worried by my suggestions?
Nigel (Raising voice) Who wouldn’t be?  (Shouting)  You’re sick, making me out as some kind of…sex murderer!
Judge Mr Coates, calm yourself at once.
Prosecution Your honour, anger is sometimes a sign of guilt.  However, I have no further questions for Mr Coates as he seems to be getting a little…hot under the collar, should we say?
Judge Mr Coates, you are dismissed.


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