Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night

Scene 1

Lisa is called to the witness stand.  It is revealed how Stuart had come home at 7:30 PM after working away for a number of months and found she was pregnant.  He knows it can’t be his, and after arguing with Lisa, at 7:45 PM he storms off.  Lisa then breaks down crying about it being the last time she saw him as he was in a car crash an is still on a life support machine.  Thus she is removed from the witness stand.

Court Clerk Lisa Burton, please come to the witness stand.
Judge Please take your oath.
Lisa I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Judge OK, Mr Larkin.
Defence Mrs Burton, can you in your own words run us through the events that took place on the night of the 8th January 2003?
Lisa At about 7:30 PM Stuart came home and on arriving home he noticed I was visibly pregnant.
Defence Why was it that he only noticed at this time?
Lisa He had been working away for the last 5 months.
Defence OK, please continue.
Lisa He got really angry really fast.  He never suspected the baby was his…guess it makes sense really and I was stupid to believe he’d ever fall for it.
Defence Then what happened?
Lisa He stormed out of the house and slammed the door, and went to his car and drove off. (Starts to look upset)
Defence About what time was this?
Lisa (Now visibly crying)  It was probably about 7:45.  The adverts were on between the two halves or Coronation Street.  And I never saw him again…not awake or breathing or…  (Bursts into tears)
Defence No more questions.
Judge OK, Mr Worthington, you may begin your cross-examination.
Defence Your honour, I request that the witness may have a break to recover herself.  She is still deeply traumatised by her husbands accident.
Judge Sustained.  Call the next witness.


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