Murder Mystery Night

Pathologists Report

Report By:  Doctor Hugh Jars
About The Body Of: James Roberts

The deceased was in reasonable form at the time of his death.  All limbs were present, and all external organs were intact.  He had had large quantities of water inside his lungs and stomach, however did not show signs of having drowned.  Therefore the cause of death was not drowning.

The body was carbon dated and the time of death was established to have been the night of Monday the 18th of November 2002 however carbon dating does not allow any more specific time to be found.  Chemical tests were also carried out and it is likely that the deceasedís life ended later on in the night, maybe between 9 PM and midnight, though this can not be exactly known and these times are just estimated boundaries.

The deceased received at least 5 blows to the head with blunt objects, perhaps the same object.  These caused cracking or denting of the skull however two of these caused sharp fragments of the skull to break away.  These fragments then embedded themselves into the brain, one deeply.  This resulted in a brain haemorrhage and several large blood vessels were burst.  The brain haemorrhage was in the area of the brain used for control of organs such as the heart, and the damage was significant enough that the brain could not have recovered successfully alone, and even if surgery had taken place there would have been extreme loss of memory and sensation.

Therefore, the cause of death was a brain haemorrhage induced by the shattering of the skull in a number of places after several blows of a blunt object.

End of report.


Signed:       H.  Jars

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